December 9, 2010

Visual management and personal Kanban

A few days ago I was viewing some of the talks in Øredev 2010, and two of them dealing with agile methodologies fired my interest a bit.

The first is about visual management, and the interesting point for me was that the guy is applying it for any kind of project, including the birth of his daughter. Usually I regard agile with programming, but his approach is very interesting. The video is full of tips and practical ideas, and left me lingering for something similar in the office (even than we do Scrum, there are no white boards around us).

The second is about a personal kanban, and the ideas are simple and extremely practical. Even if the rest of the team is not applying them, there is nothing stopping me from using a similar process on my own. Some time later I was checking the Internet for small boards and stuff. The total cost should be around ten or twenty cents, which is not too bad for an experiment.

This morning I was thinking about implementation, and given than my philosophy is to not acquire anything until I go slower for not having the right tool, I decided to give it a go on the cheap. Here is the result:

[![]( "Cheap Personal Kanban")]( personal kanban for 20 cents