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Aug 15, 2015

Installing Git into a Synology NAS

I have a Synology NAS at home, and I was trying to install Git to reduce the number of private projects I have at Bitbucket. After using the package manager to install Synology’

Apr 5, 2014

More work for Ngramatic

Today I continued working in Ngramatic’s code instead of a side project. I know that it might not be the best idea, but I really want to see the product moving, and

Apr 5, 2014

Domains and hosting

Nothing too exciting tonight. I was checking hostings outside AWS, because the prices don’t fly too well with me if it is only for a messing around after working hours. In the

Sep 18, 2013

An interesting presentation about ZeroMQ and NodeJS

I just found this presentation today: **[ZeroMQ with NodeJS]( "ZeroMQ with NodeJS")** from **[Fernando Sanabria](**I was considering ZeroMQ since a couple

Jan 18, 2011

New laptop, twice the fun

Apart from the cluster and the other dozen of computers at home, I got my last work horse in 2003, an Inspiron 5160 from Dell. The thing was expensive, badly designed (it spent

Dec 15, 2010

Kanban and Pomodoro

One of the things I do with Evernote is to keep a log of my activities at work.The idea is to make my life easier when I am asked what I was

Dec 9, 2010

Visual management and personal Kanban

A few days ago I was viewing some of the talks in Øredev 2010, and two of them dealing with agile methodologies fired my interest a bit. The first is about visual management,