January 22, 2011

Interesting links from 2011-01-22 (Kanban)

Atlasian Bitbbucket: a free and private Mercurial repository for small teams

I was looking at open source / free applications to do Agile with a Kanban flavor, here are the places I found:

FDD Project management application

Express – Agile project management


Agilo – Flexible software for project management (Python download)

Digaboard – Task board gone digital (PHP and mySQL download)

Radtrack – Agility with cards (free service)

Apropos – Agile Product Portfolio Scheduler (launch in May)

SeeNowDo – Digital dashboard for distributed agile teams (free service)

SimpleKanban – A Kanban board in simply one HTML file

Scrum Agile Software Project Management Open Source Tools Directory

And I went around other things as well:

Collaborative fund

Drive: the surprising truth about what motivate us (video)

Top ten reasons to run your own business (Inc magazine article)

PeopleRank: Quora Is Developing An Algorithm To Determine And Rank User Quality (Techcrunh)

A Modest Proposal for America: Build 500 Accelerators (Launch)

Backlit photography samples

Cloud9 Javascript IDE

The truth about real estate (Inc magazine article from the guys in 37 Signals)

National Geographic Magazine: 50 Years of Covers

Entrepreneurship survey in Ireland

And some notes about DDDD:

The generic repository

Repository is the new Singleton

Long live repository

More on repository

Hexagonal architecture (notes from a chat in a book club)

Learn REST: a tutorial (fast, easy and educating)

The Pragmatic Programmers magazine (free PDF download)

Exiting the zone of pain: static analysis with NDepend

The reactive extensions (LINQ libraries for push operations)