September 3, 2013

How to change an issue status in Bitbucket during push

I am using Bitbucket a lot more than usual, and keep finding interesting bits and pieces.

For my own reference, here is a list of the commands to change the issue state while pushing to Bitbucket.

ActionCommand KeywordExamples
resolve an issue- close - closed - closes - closing - fix - fixed - fixes - resolve - resolves - resolved - resolving `close #845`

fix bug #89

fixes issue 746

resolving #3117

reopen an issue- reopen - reopens - reopening `reopen #746`

reopening #78

mark an issue on hold- hold - holds - holding `holds #123`
mark an issue wontfix- wontfix `wontfix #12`
mark an issue invalid- invalidate - invalidates - invalidated - invalidating `invalidates #45`
link to a changeset for the issue- addresses - re - references - ref - refs - see `re bug #55`

see #34 and #456

The commands needs to be all lowercase, and seems to be doing the trick. Just to keep a real life example, I did a [small project in Bitbucket]( "Example: How to change the status of an issue in Bitbucket during push ") to follow the history of an issue.

You can check the details in Bitbucket.