March 26, 2014

Ghost blog

Although I am using WordPress to host this blog, I never felt too comfortable with it. For me it looks too complicated, I cannot make sense of the source code, writing plugins has too many turns for my likeness, the whole thing is great if you know it, but too much trouble if you don’t. WordPress feels like my own big applications, while I retained them in RAM I was  productive, but as soon as I left them alone for a few months I always wanted to rewrite each of them because I couldn’t made head from tail.

But the alternatives were not better and my hosting providers know it well, then it did the trick and I forgot about blog hosting and did some programming, until now.

Being messing with NodeJS for more than a year now, I wouldn’t mind to convert many things to it, and a blogging application is one of the prime candidates. I played with the idea of making one, but in the end I got engaged with other things and left the open source effort for others.

There are a few blogging platforms in NodeJS already, but the best candidate in my eyes is Ghost. The author run a Kickstarter campaign, exceeded his target and got the product on time, which speaks volumes for me..

The code is available, and although I don’t really know how it works, I feel a lot more confident reading it and trying to make sense about what is going on. I believe that if I spend the time I should be able to make things with Ghost.

Then, the first step is to deploy it. I am using my traditional approach, fired a Vagrant machine and started following the instructions (my scripts are hosted in Github). I am halfway through it, it is too late now to do any testing.

As a side result, I just found Flightplan, which is an attempt to replicate Python Fabric but in NodeJS.