June 15, 2008

Everybody's knife bible

I finished Everybody’s Knife Bible: The All-New Way to Use and Enjoy Your Knives in the Great Outdoors a few days ago.

The book is easy to read, and the clinometer idea is very good (I did something like that when I was at the University, but I didn’t think about dividing the arc in percentages instead of degrees).

The author is happy with Blackjack Knives and kukri designs (I never tried any of them), and very vocal about the size of knives handles (while I agree up to a point, I can’t see myself wrapping my knives with four layers of stuff that I might need. I prefer to keep the knives clean and carry the extra in a bag, sometimes attached to the case).

All in all, is a nice book to read if you already know knives and are looking for stories from the trenches for new ideas.