August 7, 2008

Burning the Eee PC

It’s now two months since I got my Eee PC, and I am still as impressed as the day I got it. The seven inches screen is a bit small, and after getting the nine inches for Florencia it looks even smaller :), but even then I can perfectly read my books, which was the main objective.

Browsing the Internet is more tricky, but having Firefox 3 at full screen solves most problems, and now I keep all my notes in a TiddlyWiki page. Writing this blog is not a problem either.

The biggest issue is with my email in Thunderbird, the screen gets overflowed there, but even then it is still usable, and the little machine has replaced my main notebook to go to work.

In fact, every morning I take the bus and start reading on the Eee. The trip last between fifteen and twenty five minutes, more than enough to go over a good number of pages. When I reach the stop previous to mine, I just close the lid and run down for another five minutes walk until I open the Eee again.

Usually there is no problem, the machine stay suspended, using just a little energy to keep memory active and that is all. But Yesterday things were different. I kept it in the bag for more than an hour, and when I reached it the everything was too hot for electronic equipment. For some reason the computer never suspended and stayed working inside the neoprene bag, inside my saddle bag, and overheating.

When I opened the lid the screen was full of lines, and looked gone. I shut it down and left it besides the window, thinking the I was going to need a new one, but when it cooled down after half an hour, I started it and it worked as if nothing has happened.

I am more impressed than before. The Eee PC is more solid and reliable than other laptops priced eight times more.