January 18, 2011

3 weeks to live

In the last few days I started following the progress of the guys in 3 weeks to live, a blog where a couple of engineers post a video recapping a working day in a project which has only three weeks to go live before everyone goes to other gigs.

Apart from the fact that I love the adventure (and feel very envious of them doing it, after so many times that I had good ideas and did nothing with them), they are sharing their experiences with tools and languages. One of them is AgileZen, and online project management styled as kanban, HipChat is another, and a few minutes ago I learnt that at least some of them are .NET programmers, but are using Rails just to learn while driving.

I hope they go well, and feeling more envious by the minute.

NB: you monkeys know who you are, when are we going to do anything at all? :)